About Mediation

​Conflict and opportunities for conflict resolution are as old as mankind.  Whether we review historical events of religious doctrine or review anthropological findings, conflict and opportunities to create peace and harmony continue to be forever present.

The goal of mediation is to encourage, create, manage and enhance a process whereby conflicting parties may more fully think through their dispute,  the potential consequences of previous, present and future actions  and all potential resolutions. 

The ultimate goal of mediation is a mutually acceptable resolution or agreement through a better understanding of all views.​​
About Us

​Our mediators are trained and experienced in facilitative, therapeutic and transformative
​as well as evaluative styles of mediations.

Further, our team of seasoned professionals have critical experiences that augment a mediation experience.

​​  Mediators have extensive experience and in-depth  knowledge ​in the following
​ key areas:

  • ​Consumer negotiations​   
  • Corporate negotiations    
  • Partnership development
  • Liaison/Relationships in private, government and not-for-profit areas. ​​       
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